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What To Expect

The (Team) Candidate Experience

A successful placement is all about a great fit, and we want to help you find a job you will truly love.  In order to do that - we get to know you.  Here's what to expect...

Our Communication

There will be phone calls, and face to face interviews... we're a bit old-fashioned that way.  During the initial phone conversation and interview, we will listen to your ambitions and plans, and find out all about you.  Advances in technology have made the swift transfer of information ridiculously easy, but when you’re dealing with people, and their backgrounds, dreams and experiences, it’s too important not to understand what you’re all about.  And we will come to you if it makes the process easier.

Your Information

Firstly, you can be assured of the confidentiality of your application.  We view the protection of your application and information highly, and WILL NOT send your CV to any client without your permission.

It's a Team Effort

We are collaborative - you will have more than one person looking out for you.  We continually discuss our candidates with each other to ensure we are covering as much of the market for you as possible.

No Charge!

If you are a first time job seeker or have never used a recruitment agency to support your search, then the first thing you need to know is that you don’t pay for our service.   

Good Things Take Time

Sometimes we will have one or more jobs to discuss with you that you may be interested in, sometimes it could take a while to find the right role, but either way, starting the conversation with Team isn’t a one-time interaction.  We will stay in touch as you develop your career, and potentially be able to assist you in finding your next job multiple times, as we have with so many other freight and logistics professionals.

If you are ready for a career move in the freight and logistics game - we’ve got your back.  The right role could be available now… check out our jobs board… or in six months time, but we should be your first stop in starting that conversation.  Our extensive relationships across the industry mean we can offer career insights and access to businesses who don’t necessarily advertise.  We will pair you up with a consultant who is best matched to find the right role for you. 

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