How to get the best people and avoid the counter-offer war!

09 Jun by Natasha Pita

Talent War

As we emerge from the global pandemic, the New Zealand job market faces a catastrophic situation: record labour shortages at a time of peak demand!

Covid relief schemes allowed struggling businesses to retain their employees, while other industries flourished as demand for goods and services soared. This, combined with border restrictions, has contributed to a growing labour shortage.

National Job Ad Growth +39%
Job Ad Growth for Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics +55%
Seek NZ – Apr 22 vs. Apr 19

And, just as our doors are opening for immigrant workers, large numbers of Kiwis are planning to travel overseas for long-awaited OEs and more lucrative career prospects.

It's hardly surprising that in the battle to acquire both skilled and unskilled talent, salaries have risen... substantially!

The Manufacturing, Logistics & Transport industries had the greatest salary growth of 27 to 33 percent.
Seek NZ – Early 2022 vs. Late 2019

Here's the thing: the top candidates are more than likely already employed and only mildly curious. So, to entice them away from the security of their current situation, hiring companies must be competitive!

Companies can no longer progressively negotiate with a candidate because they are vulnerable to counteroffers from multiple other parties throughout the hiring process, such as:

  • Other hiring companies - keep in mind this is a talent short market!

  • Current employer - retention is easier than recruitment, so they'll battle tooth and nail to keep a valuable employee!

  • Previous employers - we've found that some verbal referees will present counter-offers after learning about the candidate's availability!

So, how can companies attract talent and mitigate a counter-offer battle?

Current Market Salaries
Consult with the industry specialists regarding current salary trends; the offer should be competitive but not extraordinary.

Adaptable Work Arrangements
Flexibility is here to stay! Find a model that works for both the business and the employees; many of our clients have reported greater productivity as a result of work-life harmony.

Career Development
One of the most common reasons people leave is for career growth. Establish clear learning pathways and prepare to discuss potential development opportunities.

Robust Recruiting Process
Create a positive experience by having a solid plan, being available for interviews, and ensuring continuous progress. Once you've identified the 'one', move rapidly to prevent the process from going cold!

(By the way, most of these points apply to both recruiting and retaining staff.)

Although money, flexibility and opportunity are the most important factors for job candidates, determining a person’s unique career motivations is a complex process.

As freight and logistics specialists, we are committed to uncovering our candidates' individual objectives and abilities so that we can match them to your company's specific requirements and career opportunities.

International Freight, Logistics, Road Transport, Shipping, Courier, and Warehousing are among the fields in which we specialise. We also have experts in sales and senior management recruitment. Before you make your next recruiting decision, consult with us.