Has Covid changed Workwear?

20 Oct by Natasha Pita

Casual Workwear

Have you noticed a shift in what people wear to work? Maybe it's you, your colleagues, or work associates?

For two years our 'WFH' wardrobe consisted of leggings, sweats and 'zoom' tops. This is still true for many people who work remotely as part of a hybrid work model. But, how has this influenced what we wear to the office? 


At Team, we've observed a looser dress code with less structured outfits and more smart relaxed pieces. And one wardrobe item has stood out: the white trainer! We love the functionality, comfort, and style, but there's a caveat: they must be clean, minimal in design, and paired with a professional piece like dress pants, a button-up shirt, or a blazer.


So what's actually changed? It's simple... comfort and choice.


The ability to choose what feels right within reasonable parameters allows you to express your personality and authentic self. Choosing to wear a suit with sneakers to an important engagement or heels and colour because you're feeling the vibe is empowering!


As the workplace dress code evolves, here are our suggestions for achieving a balance between comfort and professionalism:

  • Be guided by people you respect 

  • Elevate your casual piece with a professional layer

  • Don't neglect 'smart' in smart casual (clean & crease-free always!)

  • Be prepared for important scheduled and ad-hoc engagements

  • Never compromise on professional attire for a job interview