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Bespoke Recruiting Services

1st June 2020

DIY Recruiting... we get it!

With so many job seekers in the market, companies want to have a go at their own hiring. We've broken down our key recruiting stages so you can select which parts of the process we can add value:

Talent Acquisition


We know what job seekers value and how to articulate this in a job ad. As this changes over time, we stay abreast with current job seeker analytics and our ads are optimised accordingly. We will advertise on job board platforms, professional network sites and our website.

Proactive Talent Sourcing

The majority of our placements are filled through our internal sourcing processes. We carryout an in-depth search of our existing talent database and job board profiles, as well as reaching out to our industry networks.

Hiring tip: Top Talent rarely apply to job ads! Just because there is high volume of job seekers, it doesn't mean they're the best suited to your role. 69% of our roles are filled with people from our talent database. Your ideal person is most likely employed in a role however passively open to new opportunities)

Applicant screening

We have exceptional systems and resource to process literally hundreds of applicants! Screening isn't an exact science and our consultants are trained to cut through the noise to identify highly suitable candidates based on an agreed criteria.

Hiring tip: Screening takes time! On average we spend around 15-20 minutes per call per applicant. That is, 3-4 applicants per hour. This is justified when you have a solid strategy which is consistent... and legal!)

Preliminary Interview

Our consultants meet with a candidate to gain a deep understanding of their knowledge and expertise, and qualify their successes. We carryout competency questioning to uncover their motivation and career goals. This can be a lengthy process, often involving more than one consultant.

Hiring tip: Consider the Space Particularly relevant with senior talent - do you have a suitable space to carryout confidential interviews?

Skills Assessment

Team has access to the latest talent assessment tools which bring further insights to your hiring decision making. We can recommend suitable tests for your role and results can be bench-marked against existing members of your team. Testing can be carried out online within a set time-frame or managed onsite at Team.

Verbal Reference Checks

Our consultants will qualify and carryout comprehensive verbal reference checks - further clarifying key competencies, cultural fit and areas for development whilst adhering to the Privacy Act. Additionally, we can arrange Driver Licence and Criminal Record checks.

Short List of Candidates

We prepare an extensive candidate report regarding relevant employment history, key achievements, motivations and recommendations for each short listed candidate. More recently, we've started including 30 second video so you can gauge an immediate impression of the candidate.

​Click HERE to view an example of a candidate video


Team will coordinate the interview appointments for you to meet with the candidate either at your premises, our premises or an offsite location. It's common for senior or highly confidential meetings to be carried out at Team. Further reference checking is carried out as this process progresses.

Job Offer Negotiation & Contract

We use our knowledge of current market information to guide you regarding remuneration, benefits and employment conditions. Our consultants can facilitate job offer negotiations, counter-offer scenarios and the signing of the employment contract on behalf of the client and candidate.

​Hiring tip: Prepare to lose Good recruiting takes time but you need to move swiftly once you've started the process. You're not the only one hiring and the top reasons companies miss out on their number one person is due to time.

Communication with unsuccessful candidates

Team will respectfully provide constructive feedback to unsuccessful candidates whilst upholding your employer brand. This becomes critical within a network where candidates often become clients.

Hiring tip: Protect your brand! Hiring can be a sensitive process and it's critical that you provide applicants with a timely and positive experience. Keep in mind that whilst someone may not be suitable right now, they could be your ideal next employee OR client.

Support throughout Resignation

Our consultants remain connected with the successful applicant throughout their resignation period, therefore keeping them 'warm' through to start date so you don't lose them due to counter offer or 'cold feet'!


Hiring tip: Time is money! What is your ROI and can you really afford to step away from your dedicated role to advertise, screen, interview, negotiate, counter offer... hopefully once but potentially multiple times?


  • A quality outcome relies on an initial meeting with a Team Consultant so they can understand your business and role. The cost for this consultation is $250+gst which can be offset against our full recruitment fee.

  • Our replacement guarantee only applies when we take on the full recruiting process and fees are payable by the due date. ​

Link to your Team Consultant HERE