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How We Work

Welcome to Team!

Congratulations on choosing Team Recruitment to help you find your next career challenge.  Team are a specialist agency, meaning our focus is recruiting for a specific industry which is Freight, Logistics & Supply Chain.  When you engage with our consultants, you will find passionate, knowledgeable and genuine people who care about you and your career.


We will work with you to help you find a role that aligns with your ambitions, talents and personality, and here’s how…


The Interview


This is your chance to showcase who you are. We are interested in the whole person - what you enjoy, don’t enjoy, your strengths and challenges, your interests and achievements.  The interview is just the beginning of our journey with you, and it’s not a high-pressure environment.  We take a relaxed, conversational approach to our questioning.  And because we work collaboratively - we may bring in other consultants who work in areas that would be of interest to you.  


CV Assessment


Your CV is your sales tool, and we are well-versed in CV’s that get attention and those that don't.  A poorly written CV can make or break your chances, and we genuinely want to give you the best shot at getting that interview.  With that in mind, we offer honest feedback and direction with this critical self-marketing tool!


Confidential Advice


Whether you are 20 years into your career or a newly minted graduate, the job-hunting process can be tough to navigate.  We will guide you, and offer you advise if required.  Be rest assured that your discussions with us are 100% confidential.  We work in a tight-knit industry and confidentiality of information is something we take very seriously.

  • ​Career direction

  • Salary guidance

  • Negotiation and acceptance

  • The resignation process

  • Support beyond acceptance of new offer and new job


After the Interview


The opportunities we discuss at our meeting will be our key focus.  We will write up a commentary that outlines why you are a suitable candidate for the role, along with a copy of your CV and reference checks.  If there are no current suitable roles we will continue the communication with you in the event that a suitable opportunity is available to discuss. In some instances we will proactively market you to specific organisations.


We operate as a team.  That means any one of our consultants could call you to discuss an opportunity if we think you may be interested - and they will continue any communication with you about that role.  However, your interviewing consultant will be your main point of contact for all general communication and updates.


If we present you a job opportunity that you are interested in, we handle all of the communication with your potential employer, from arranging interviews, gathering feedback and managing the offer and acceptance process.  It is crucial that you are communicative and honest during this process.  Our job is to find you the RIGHT job, and sometimes the chemistry, environment or company values just don’t fit - and that’s OK.  All we ask is for honest communication.


So Where to From Here?


In order for us to do our jobs, we need you to do a couple of things to ensure you have every chance of being selected for an interview: 

  • Contact your verbal referees to give them a ‘heads up’ that we will be calling them.

  • Review your social media platforms - looking at them through an ‘employers eyes’ and remove anything that could send the wrong message. Do a quick ‘Google search’ of your name to double check.

  • Communicate changes with us - we’re human too, and life happens. There is no less professional way of dealing with an agency than ‘ghosting’. If you have found a job, your circumstances or job focus has changed - we need to know.

Help us help you!

Your online footprint can take on a personality of its own.  We know of candidates who have missed out on job opportunities due to negative commentary on their social media profiles.  We strongly suggest that you review your Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter profiles, and adjust your privacy settings where applicable.  Use these mediums to help, not hinder your career.

A final note...


A relationship with TEAM is a partnership where communication both ways better enables us to advocate for you in the marketplace. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone - click HERE to link to our profiles with contact numbers.