DIY Recruitment, have you got the RIGHT tools?

03 Jun by Alicia Vroegop

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​Welcome to the COVID-19 sponsored employment wasteland. A world awash with freshly dumped employees in a land with no jobs. Except you have a vacancy to fill, so surely, now is the ideal time to net the pick of the bunch! You know EXACTLY what you want, but hell, you’re not forking out the money for an agency to manage it. Surely it can’t be THAT hard...
​We are a nation of proud DIY heroes. In an attempt to save money, we try our hands at everything from building a shed, to colouring our own hair or producing our own ‘special’ cake. But if we lack the expertise and experience, we just end up wasting precious time and resources – only to end up with a disastrous result, money wasted and well, bruised egos. Right now, there are high stakes involved in getting this right, your business recovery hinges on employing the right people to survive and thrive for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.
We’ve been here before. During the GFC, the world of talent-hiring was turned on its head. We went from a talent shortage to a talent flood in a short space of time. But this is worse, and we know from experience what hiring in an economic downturn looks like...
It’s chaos.
For every job you advertise, you will have hundreds (if not thousands) of desperate applicants, all wanting to plug that hole of financial uncertainty and saying anything you want to hear to secure your job – even if they know its not right for them.
Without any formalised systems or processes to manage those applications, time marches on, the vacancy goes stale, communication suffers – and so does your employment brand.
​So before you go ahead and try some DIY recruitment to try and save money, there are a few critical factors you will need to consider:
  • Do you have an ATS system and processes set up to manage the flood of applications, and keep track of the good ones?
  • How will you screen the shortlist? What is the strategy around this– it needs to be consistent (and legal)
  • Do you know how to protect your business from accusations of discrimination and bad press?
  • Are you prepared for the noise? The phone calls and emails into your business, as the desperation ramps up from applicants who haven’t heard back?
  • Identifying talent from a CV alone is not an exact science - some of the best candidates can present some pretty naff CV’s
  • Do you have the resource to dedicate to the task of getting down to a shortlist?
  • Do you have the background knowledge of the candidates you have shortlisted?
  • Do you have the skills to keep candidates warm, not losing the good ones through the process?
  • Do you have someone dedicated to co-ordinating those interviews and getting honest feedback?
  • Do you have the time? Remember. Time is money.
As specialist recruiters, we can answer all of those questions with a resounding YES.
We have the skills, tools, expertise and time to get the job done. The ability to identify the right people, adding value with interviews, reference checks and testing - along with a guarantee of replacement if it doesn’t work out, is a service that you won’t regret employing.
As a recruitment business that has been focused on transport, logistics and freight for 25 years, you have the additional benefit of history. We are loaded with prior knowledge of a large chunk of the market, having spent years building relationships with them, understanding their journeys and talent.
Yes there is a fee, but the cost to your business could be far greater trying to manage it yourself.
Talk to us about how we can support your business with the whole, or part of the recruitment process. We have flexible options on payment during this crisis, and have an increasing database of incredible talent that are looking for their next job.
Call us on 095256400 if you are thinking of hiring professionals in the logistics, freight, transport and supply chain industry. We can help.